Thursday, November 10, 2005

Back on Track

Moving Pictures, Sweethearts gig

" I remember when we were young...
We were 16 but not for long.
The Delphi Coffee Lounge was all innocent fun,
Drinking cappucinos but dreaming of rum"
-- Nothing to Do (A Smith/G. Frost)

Wordcount Update
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5,319 / 50,000
I've got back to reliving the music from Kat's teenage years. The band (and I do need to find a suitable name for 'the band' - suggestions most welcome) is doing a reunion tour up and down the East Coast of Australia and Maddie and Kat are going to be every gig!

So, this is me and Alex when I was 15 or 16? Big free outdoor concert at Birkenhead Point. Circa 1984.

Flashforward to August 2005...

And here is where I get my inspiration for part of my Nano novel. For despite the fact, that both of us are showing the extra 21 years. (Alex has aged a bit more gracefully than me, I reckon), the gig still managed to transport me back to the eighties, back to being a teenager. And this is the feeling I want to convey in the novel.

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