Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to

Today is my birthday, and I'm two years off the dreaded 40.

It's cool. I'm going to be published before I turn 40, and at the rate I've been writing lately, that is a realistic goal.

Hanging around an on-line community of writers has expanded my skills, developed my persistence, and inspired my creativity. I know now that writing and striving towards publication is not for the faint-hearted, it's not for the people who merely fantasise about writing a bestseller without actually doing any writing. It takes passion, and motivation, and kicking the procrastination bug out the door.

And there is nothing more inspiring than finding out that on-line buddies have got the call. These writers Lori A May and Heather Rae Scott have received their reward because of their perserverance and talent. They are my role models.

So, what exciting stuff am I doing for my birthday?

Going to the doctor. That's always exciting.
Writing (goes without saying during Nano) but waiting for the doctor's appointment is always an excellent time to get more words on paper.
Bit more Christmas shopping (almost done) and some window shopping.
And because my car is out of action, I'll have to work out the 'barely there ' public transport system of Coffs, to get back home.

Any celebration tonight?

We've postponed to Friday evening to go to the movies and dinner so I'm not sure what that means for tonight. It won't mean that Robbie will be cooking dinner for me. He doesn't do dinner. Just the occasional bacon and eggs for breakfast. But do I want to cook dinner on my birthday? Not sure yet. I'll have to report back tomorrow.

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