Thursday, November 17, 2005

How not to write about skydiving

I'm back at work. So the word count has not increased hugely since my last post. Shame.

In fact yesterday, I was so stuffed after work that I was in bed by 8pm. Very unusual. But at least the migraine was gone this morning.

Have you ever driven one of those new-fangled modern cars that tells you how far you are from anything behind you? Freaky.

Had a chat to my team leader today. Hello, Lisa, are you reading this? We talked a bit about the novel and she gave me some great inside information about skydiving. As a witness, not as a participant. So I started writing the scene today.

Here's what not to do:
Do not write a scene about jumping out of an aeroplane as you are waiting to have a blood pressure reading! Seriously, my bp was the highest it has been for a week and a half. So we tried again, about ten minutes later, and I didn't write during that time. No good. Looks like I'm not going to jump out of a plane anytime soon! Not that I plan to.

Updated wordcount: Not transcribed, so it may be a bit iffy:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
24,374 / 50,000

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I am reading this. Remember the scream as she plummets to earth.