Friday, November 03, 2006

Nano Day Three

I'm tired. I just hit the button to create a new blog, instead of editing this one. As if I need another blog! Time for bed, I think.

It was a strange day at work today. We have fifteen people leaving to go to different parts of the organisation. Some will be working upstairs, some downstairs, another moving interstate, and my podpal is changing teams. In the six years I've been there, there has never been so much change in one day. So I did the social thing tonight and went to the pub after work to say goodbye etc. I said I was going for an hour, but 2.5 hours later I left the pub and drove home in the rain.

Then I watched Love My Way on DVD, episodes 7 & 8 from the first series. I won't go into detail because someone may be planning on watching and I don't want to give any spoilers, but it was heartbreaking...

...and left me in no mood to write.

It's a good thing I wrote during breaks at work today. So I've pushed up my total a little, not a lot. I'm still running behind on the required average word count, but as long as I write every single day, I will get there. And I'll be participating in an on-line writing challenge tomorrow morning.

And as soon as Nano is over, I have to edit. I was asked by many people this evening how the writing is going, have I sold my book yet...I need to stay on track so one day soon, I have good news to report.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the writing...I try and do a bit myself. I'm a really big fan of Love My Way...I recently wrote a blog article on my site. Such a moving, emotionally real show.