Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nano Day 4

Nano Day 4 is not yet over for me (8.15 pm as I start this post) but I thought I would post early, then I wouldn't be trying to post at midnight.

So far today, I have written 1902 words which included two half hour sprints - 1. 924 words and 2. 958 words. The first was in an online writing challenge. Several Nanoers from Oz met up on MSN, chatted a bit and then had a 30 minute word war. So I decided to do the same again tonight, and I think I will continue doing sprints when I'm at the computer from now on, plus take advantage of the word pockets at work.

I would still like to achieve another 1400 words tonight to get me back up to speed. So I will do two more word sprints before I go to sleep.

In the meantime, I've been adding some more products to the Chickollage shop in the section 'For the Writer'

Firstly we have Jennifer Gordon's design: Serious Stuff Writing, available on a journal, mousepad and numerous apparel: let the world know you take your writing seriously.

Every writer needs to do some research. Whether, it's rehashing a lived life or studying historical facts, you can only write what you know.

So what's an erotica writer to do when the pickings are slim, the days are chaste and there's no prospects on the horizon?

It's time to advertise for an assistant! This and other designs (similar phrases, different fonts) available now on numerous items here.

When I was writing Kissing Toads, I mentioned my work in progress to one of my father's mates who is probably only a few years older than me. He asked if there were any sex scenes. When I said yes, he asked (in front of my partner) if I needed any help researching them. Yuck! I certainly did not take him up on his offer, but that little comment has inspired these items. Enjoy!

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