Monday, June 02, 2008

It's my story....and I'll write it if I want to....

Well, I'm off to a flying start on the 50ks in 30 days writing challenge.

Sunday (got to love it when a writing challenge starts on a weekend), I hit a personal best of 7,409 words and today, despite the fact that I had to work, I still managed a respectable 2,828 words. So my total 50k wordage is 10,237 - only 2 days in and I'm already 20% into the goal.

I've set the total wordage goal for Hold the Anchovies as 75,000 and now have a total of 35,304 so I'm almost at the half way point of the story.

Once I decided that I was mostly writing about a period of my life, I pulled out my diaries, and wrote up a timeline. I think this is why the writing is flowing so well. I know how the story goes, the plot points, and how the story ends. I have snippets of conversation and dialogue written in my diaries, which provide a pivotal point for scenes. I have no opportunity to deviate from the timeline or the cause and effect of the events as they happened. I might throw in a couple of interesting and fictional customers just for the fun of it, but by facing up to the fact that this is my story, and yes, indeed I'm writing a sexual memoir, then I have given myself permission to just write. And as a result, the words are flowing.

On the last attempt of the story, I freaked out. It got too close to the bone and I thought it was the wrong thing to be writing...that I should be trying to fictionalise the actual events. But all names have been changed to protect the guilty. But stories come from everywhere, and I know they come from real life...this time, it's just happening to be coming from my life. My last five drafts have all been fiction, with a few incidents and adaptations from real life.

This time it is is truth...well, my version of the truth. Perhaps the other characters in this period of my life would have a different version of the truth.

But then again...they're not writng the story.


Rachael Blair said...

You are doing so well Diane - very jealous of your word count - and the story sounds awesome! Real life is often stranger than fiction afterall...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're doign well.

I'll be doing a Julnowrimo next month, and of course NaNoWriMo in november.

Sandie Hudson said...

You are flying along. I've been so slack not visiting blogs before today.

Anyway great going on what you have achieved this week.


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