Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A hit - a palpable hit!

Sorry, bit of Shakespeare coming out. Must be the R&J post I just posted on Chickollage.

Anyway, what did I hit? My manuscript. Today, during my lunch break, I plunged right in from the beginning and made a start on the edit, the revision, the rewrite, the second draft - whatever you want to call it.

And I wrote more words. And crossed out many. And I got deeper into the scene, into the description, the setting, into Chloe's head. And I felt that I had accomplished something.

I'm going to forget about the overall story edit at the moment, and just do some layering, scene by scene, chapter by chapter. The big structural stuff can come later when I have larger blocks of time to dedicate to it.

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Panthergirl said...

I write all memoir/commentary material but would love to tackle a book or screenplay. For some reason, I just cannot wrap my head around the whole "linear" thing. I should probably take a class.

Anyway, I admire your efforts and good luck with the manuscript!

(here via the Battle of the Blogs.. Unlike other people, I actually do read a post a comment! I think most just blow through the 20 seconds and don't bother.LOL)