Monday, June 12, 2006

Holiday is over

Well, I was right about the lack of holiday time to myself. I spent most of the week helping my partner with his DVD project on the Glenreagh Mountain Railway. Launch night was Saturday night, and just our luck, it poured all day Saturday. We haven't rain since we moved into this house. In fact, the situation had got so desperate, our rainwater tank ran out, and we had to fill it with town water. So we really, really wanted rain - just not on Saturday. But of course, it's a long weekend here -- and that usually guarantees rain. Part of the evening was to include a ride on the steam train, 'Steaming under the Stars', and that looked in jeopardy.

Somehow the rain eased up, over a hundred people turned up to the launch, and enjoyed the film. The rain was light so Betty the steam train, was still able to do complete the planned outing.

Sunday morning, we woke up to blue sky and it has been that way since. Murphy's Law!

So now it's Monday of the long weekend, the last day of my 'holiday' - so I'm putting together some more collage poems, updating my blogs, and will tackle some of my editing. Then I'll have to work out an 'after work' structure to fulfill my writing goals and not spend all of my time on the net.

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