Thursday, March 16, 2006

A weekend of writing and moving

Big weekend coming up. I'm going on a writing retreat with my writing group buddies, staying at a lighthouse - meanwhile the significant other will be moving our stuff from noisy suburbia to Paradise. And I mean Paradise! I saw the house last weekend and I will have my own writing room - a sunroom - and I can already picture how it will look. The room gets the morning sun which I think will be really nice for a leisurely Saturday or Sunday morning writing, while the s.o. snores away.

The backyard has a lemon tree, an orange tree, a mandarin tree and a quince tree. We have big wide verandahs and it looks so inviting, especially after a hard week's work. Once we are settled in, I can't imagine I will be coming into town much on the weekend.

So how did I manage to get out of the physical labour of moving for the second time in a year? All in the timing. I need to book my time off around 6 weeks in advance, so I had booked a day off last week. Closer to the time when I realised we hadn’t found anywhere to live, I changed it to next Monday. But my s.o. doesn’t want to do the moving on Monday, he’s decided to do it on Sunday while I am at the retreat. What can I say? I’m not complaining!

But on Monday I will be cleaning the vacated house, so I guess it all evens out in the end.

The Chick Collage Poetry is coming along well, and I’ve got a lovely cover – just need to collate some more poems to fill it. There's always Friday night at the retreat. Here’s a preview of the cover.

And I've printed out the first draft of the film festival novel, ready to edit in my brand new writing room. Me? Excited? Never.

Competition for Blog Explosion Members:
In a general spellcheck/grammar edit of my manuscript, I found the following error:

Travis is still in the lounge room. He probably doesn't want to come into the bedroom to cop another dose of my fury. I'm not going to have a whowhere. I don't want to spend another moment here longer than I have to.

20 blog explosion credits to the first person who can tell me what the hell I meant by 'whowhere'!!


Anonymous said...

whoweres - whores?

Diane said...

Not the word I'm looking for, Barbara, but nice try!