Friday, March 03, 2006

March is the month to....

So much to do, so little time.

Moving House: Yesterday morning we got the okay for a new rental property. We're going back to Paradise. Back to the sticks, far enough from town to feel like sanctuary but close enough to travel to work, supermarkets and all the regional centre necessities. Not sure if we'll be quite back to kangaroos in the backyard as we were with the last property, but it sure beats having beer bottles lunged over the fence at your car, sharing driveways, and constant traffic noise all night.

We'd stopped packing. We'd been looking at houses and not finding anything that even approximated value for money, and this one came to us as a gift, a sequence of events that shows that this house was meant to be.

Writing Contest: I received my results from the Chick Lit Stiletto contest for my film festival manuscript (first 3 chapters and synopsis), and I am very encouraged by the comments from the judges. I now know that I'm definitely Write on Track. So March is the month to edit and rewrite this manuscript, working title: Making the Cut, as well as declutter, pack and move. Might have to rethink that - April may be the month to edit. March - I will write what I can.

New Car: And I've got wheels again. After months of being chauffeured, I have my own car. The little old lady one owner cliche, it's a beauty and a bargain and it's great to be driving again, especially down the highway. I didn't realise how much I'd missed driving.

Writers' Retreat: I'm also going on a retreat with my Writers' Group. We'll be staying in the lightkeepers cottages so I''m sure we will have a lot of fun, laughter and creativity over that weekend.

So March if full on: Please excuse me if I don't blog too often. I'll miss it but there is so much to do!

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Nikki said...

Good luck with your goals this month Diane. And glad to hear your comments were encouraging!!!