Thursday, March 09, 2006

Try not to panic

Aagh, I can't find my flash drive. I'm sure I had it on Monday night when I loaded my complete collated first draft of the film festival story on to it, and some collage poetry (yes I was going to load a preview of the poetry on my blog) and now I can't find it.

Because we've started the packing process (or the man of the house has!), it could be anywhere - in any number of boxes.

I will not panic - I will use other backup methods in the meantime until I find the elusive little beast.

Not much writing going on at the moment, although I have started the process of spell checking/grammar checking the film festival story. I'm probably going to have to make two versions - the US one with double quotation marks (!!!) and lots of 'z's' (Today's episode of Sesame Street was brought to you by the letter Z' and the Aussie/English version with the single quotation marks and spelling with the letter 's'.

So much packing to do. So much work to do at the day job (although it's rapidly turning into day/night job as I spend more time there then at home). I think perhaps my brain might explode. But maybe not. If it does, I'll write a story about it.

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