Saturday, March 11, 2006

Blogger is a poetry snob

Here is a collage poem: LOVE RAT

Actually - no collage poem as Blogger won't cooperate. Let's try another picture: - I think something will happen this time because the lines around the triangle are flashing.

So Blogger obviously likes Moving Pics but not my collage poetry!

This picture came from an Oz rock magazine which I purchased on ebay.

It begs the question: is this the best photo taken by the photographer? Did he only take one? Alex has his eyes closed in the shot - not the best look. I've taken better pictures of the band, and I'm sure I wasn't using the same equipment that the photographer would have had.

Okay, so now I'm convinced that Blogger doesn't like my collage poetry although I've only tried to upload the one called LOVE RAT!

I'll try another: The FAME GAME

Still doesn't want to work!

I guess the files are too big, and blogger doesn't like that. Or blogger is a poetry snob and thinks it should be written only in text form and not include scanned fonts from magazines. I'll work out the technical issues. But I don't see the problem: the Moving Pics photo I just uploaded was scanned from an A4 size of paper, the collage poems are collated on A4 paper. There should be no difference. So my conclusion still rests with Blogger being a poetry snob!

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