Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another first draft complete

Woohoo! Another first draft finished and Cinderella gets her 'sort of' happy ever after, at least the best happy ever after that she can hope for in the complex love and family circumstances she is now in.

After ditching the false beginning which was all about Sleeping Beauty who suffered from narcolepsy (and never made another appearance in the story), I have replaced it with the original short story that started it all. And this is my final first draft word count:

Zokutou word meter
68,572 / 68,572

Today, I've been editing 'I'm with the Band' and looking through magazines for words for a collage gift that I'm making for a friend. I will post a picture of the gift once it is finished and presented.

My last short story has been doing the rounds of the office and I've been getting some very interesting and encouraging feedback. It's very appropriate for my co-workers to read it as it is set in a call centre, and we work in a call centre. But I've got to hang out for another four weeks to find out the competition results. The results are in, but will not be announced until the writers' group AGM. Best not to think about it.

So with the completion of Beyond Happily Ever After, that makes five first drafts in various stages of development. Time for some editing!


Sandie Hudson said...

YAAAAAAA, Diane. So pleased your finished your first draft for 'BHEA' everywhere I turn people are finishing first drafts. Which is great, and I'm happy for everyone except ME. I need to get in and do some serious writing, finish some of these darn stories I've got going. Oh well maybe tomorrow or tonight. My head still feels like it's full of cottonwool from the migraine on Wednesday. I don't think anything I write ATM would make sense to me later so I'm blog visiting today. Which is nice, catching up on what everyone is up to, or doing.

Okay I'm off, catch ya later. Happy editing.


Rachael Blair said...

You're on fire with those first drafts!! Hope the editing's going well now!

Wally Banners said...

Dig your blog Babe! you got my bob vote :)