Sunday, January 06, 2008

Day 11 of 'I'm with the Band'

Its amazing - at the beginning of the weekend, you wake up believing that an infinite stretch of time lies before you...until you have to go back to work.

Then you wake up again Sunday morning (if you're lucky!) - usually more likely Sunday afternoon, and that infinite feeling has gone and the pressure of the time remaining is upon you. The weekend is all over.

Who decided that five days at work and two days off was a good idea?

Unfortunately I do need a day to do nothing, even at the expense of the one of the days of my 12 day focus.

The rain is gone, the river has subsided and we are surrounded by heat and humidity.

I have 50 best 80's Aussie bands playing on Music Max reminding me why I'm writing 'I'm with the Band.' Nie to see Noiseworks, The Mentals, The Choirboys, INXS etc.

Hunted for more collage pictures on Day 11 - this combination will definitely make it into the collage - I laughed when I found the couch picture in an old HQ magazine - couldn't find a credit for the photographer. I haven't tracked down my photo of the Big Prawn and I don't have a decent picture of the Big Banana (amazing - considering where I live) and they are both important scenes and mark a contrast between Kat's past and her present.

So Day 11: procrastination, day dreaming, no new words, just new thoughts, and some new pictures.

Hopefully, I'll be able to return this evening to report that Day 12 has been more successfu.


Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Diane
Hope all is going okay for you up there. You are going so well with your novel.

Rachael Blair said...

Sometimes you just need a breather- you've worked so hard these last few days! Go girl!!