Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hair today...

Today I broke a lifelong pattern. I went the chop but this time I didn't go all the way.

Usually when I've grown my hair long, I get bored and I react by getting the chop. Which means very short.

Not this time. I still lost about four inches, but my hair is shoulder length again. Not too short, not too long. And hopefully much more manageable.

I joked with the hairdresser that he could sell my hair on ebay, pretend it was Britney's and then we had a discussion about what possessed her to shave it off. Maybe she was tired of being Britney. I could never bring myself to shave my hair off. I don't think I've got the right shaped face and head to carry off bald. But there's some mighty sexy guys out there who look really hot with a shaved head.

I used to be really wild with my hair - different styles, different colours but in my (cough, cough) old age, I've become much more conservative. But maybe the next visit to the hairdresser will change that.

So, it was a day off work. A day to sleep in. Get my hair cut and do some administrative tasks to keep my life rolling along. I think I should have more 'hump' days off. The work week is so less daunting that way. But it's back to work tomorrow. And then only two days to the weekend!


Unknown said...

Most people don't know this (because they'd rather not know anything positive about a skank like Brit), but she shaved her head as support for an aunt of hers who just died from cancer and had to go through some serious kemo. Don't really care for the woman myself, but I find it curious that none of us care that she really did have a valid, and amazing reason for doing what she did.

Odd, ain't it?

Diane said...

Well, if I hadn't heard that angle at all, and if it's the case, well good on her. But the other actions of getting the tattoo, and checking in and out of rehab three times makes me believe that she's losing her grip.

Anonymous said...

I just went to the hairdressers too. But I think for me, it was a more rewarding experience!

Always happy to find a writers blog, keep up the good work