Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nano Day One

Woohoo! I'm off to a great start! So if I can set this pace for the rest of Nano, I will be finished with time to spare!

I'm not yet sure who all my characters will be, but I'm sure they will show up as I need them.

So now it's time to sleep, and it has been a well-earned rest.

Meter courtesy of Writertopia

And I have a 'widget' in my sidebar which will automatically update my progress as I update my wordcount on the Nanowrimo site. No more fiddling around with the template.

I will try to be back tomorrow with a Thursday Thirteen - thirteen great theatre productions I have seen. And as I used to work in the theatre industry, and have seen hundreds of productions, it was extremely hard to narrow it down to thirteen.

Good luck to all the Nano'ers in the Northern Hemisphere still working through day one!

Good night!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Great start, Diane! I got 1,400 words done this morning and hope to pound out a few more this evening after work.

BTW, have you considered e-book publishing? Check out my publisher, Aspen Mountain Press when you get a chance, if you're interested in publishing electronically :)

Take care, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the Nano thing.