Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nano is only an hour and a half away

One hour and twenty minutes to go until Nano kicks off for me but I'm not going to be able to stay up to start writing at midnight. Shame November 1st doesn't fall on a weekend, but it's a weekday and a work day and I need to be awake tomorrow so I can churn out as many words as humanly possible during my tea breaks, lunch break etc.

I have my Nano report card thanks to Cameron Matthews and I have a copy of No Plot, No Problem. And I'm ready to go. I did it last year, so I can do it this year. 1667 words a day. Easy. I've just got to keep the momentum going.

The neighbourhood monsters have been around asking for treats and I've gone through a block of chocolate keeping them happy. When I heard the firecrackers going off, I thought it would be wise to put my car in the shed, away from the little monsters.

Anyway, before I start lying and have to start counting blog posts as Nano words, I'm going to sleep!

Check in tomorrow night with a progress report.

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