Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Nano Day 22 - Ebay Loot - Calendar Sale

Nano Day 22

I squeezed past the 30,000 word mark last night, and with just nine days to go (including today), I should make it to the finish line as long as I continue placing my butt in the seat, and the fingers on the keyboard.

Last night's writing had some surprising, unplanned elements, but they ended up being very pleasing in the overall story of the book, and the continued motif of how much of her life Nickie chooses to write in advance.
Today was a bonus. With the computer system down at work, I managed to write over 1000 bonus words, so I am way ahead for today's tally. A couple more word wars and I shall be done, and I should just about be reaching the second turning point of the story.

Ebay Loot

I've been scoring a few things of Ebay - this Moving Pictures sticker, a groovy looking radio promotional sticker from the band's heyday.

and this CD single by Alex Smith.

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about this single (remembered something about a photograph). I had the single on cassette at one time, and having moved seven times or so since, was wondering if it was still in my possession. I could not remember the song or the music. So that morning, I logged onto my email and discovered the Ebay lot waiting in my email searches. Like it was meant to be. It was fate. Think and the universe shall provide.

Chickollage Calendars
Cafepress is having a 20% sale off calendars at the moment, so now is a great time to grab a Chickollage Collage Poetry Calendar, and have a collage poem a month for every year in 2007.
Visit the Chickollage shop for unique Christmas gifts. It's hard to believe, it's just over a month away!


The Gatekeeper said...

30,000 words! How awesome is that!? Next year, I'm in. I've visited your site twice now and you are an inspiration. Keep on writing.

Diane said...

Go for it, gatekeeper. Knowing that a lot of people are doing it is great for the momentum, and if you can find an on-line writing buddy and have writing wars, it's even better.

The Gatekeeper said...

Writing wars! Now that sounds interesting. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun. I'll be there next year.

keed said...

keep it up. good luck