Thursday, October 26, 2006

13 Concerts or Gigs

Thirteen Concerts or Gigs I loved

1. BLACK SABBATH/ROSE TATTOO Capitol Theatre, Sydney
This is the first rock concert I ever attended. My uncle took me as a 13th birthday present and I think my ears are still ringing. But the light show was amazing!


I conned my father to take me to this one because I was underage. My friend and I ran down to the front of the stage, and Alex Smith jumped off the stage, and leaped onto the table that dad was sitting at, and sang. Dad complained later that he was sweating all over his beer.

3. SON OF SUNDAY, Birkenhead Point

Dynamic Hepnotics, QED (with Jenny Morris), Uncanny X-Men, Moving Pictures.
Aah! The days of free outdoor concerts put on by radio stations as a promotion. Great weather, great friends, great music and great photos including the one I had taken with Alex Smith to the left, 22 years ago.

4. SWEETHEARTS - this rates a mention as a venue itself

Downtown Cabramatta, one of the grottiest venues around. When you finished your drink, you just dropped the perspex glass to the floor, packed from wall to wall - often I only heard the band and glimpsed them briefly over people's shoulders. But the acts were great - Jon English, Swanee, Moving Pictures, Ian Moss, Jimmy Barnes.

The night that Jimmy Barnes played, someone was stabbed. My mother was very relieved when she heard the news the next morning, and found me sleeping soundly in my own bed.

5. k d lang Sydney Opera House (Sexuality tour)

Beautiful voice for a beautiful venue. And with seats only ten rows back (it helps to know someone in box office), the show and k.d.'s performance was magic, especially 'crying'

6. EURYTHMICS Sydney Entertainment Centre Revenge Tour

I lined up for these tickets at 6am (not exactly hard-core) but I picked the ticket outlet strategically and was 7th in line. And I was rewarded. Annie Lennox has an incredible voice and a fabulous stage presence. And the arrangement of the songs in concert are always different to the albums so I feel like I get extra value for money. She ripped her top off in the encore and stood on the speakers above us in her lacy red bra.

At the time, I was having a fling with an older man and he came to the concert with me (along with my uni pals). Almost every song on the Revenge album reminds me of him.

I could easily let the Eurythmics steal another two spots off my 13, as I saw the 'We Too are One' tour twice! and then the Peace tour. Waiting for the next one!


Sometimes you go to see a band and you get a pleasant surprise when you discover a fanastic support act. This was the case when I went to see Tiddas at the Metro Theatre in 1992. Chris Wilson was performing with guitarist Shane O'Mara, and his harmonica transported me to another world. He prowled the stage like a caged tiger and he mesmerised me with his stage presence. I could not take my eyes off him. And his voice...the whole range between a seductive whisper, and a sexy growl. I could listen to Chris Wilson sing the blues, country or gospel. Doesn't matter. Hey, he could even sing me the phone book if he wanted!

8. TRANSVISION VAMP Hordern Pavillion

A fun band and sexy stage show at the Hordern Pavillion. The twelve inch version of Sex Kick was stretched out to many many more inches as Wendy James had an aural orgasm on stage. OMG! It's a shame I lost my 12 inch mix when I loaned the imported CD to my DJ partner.

9. PRINCE Sydney Entertainment Centre

Memorable but scary. Somehow we had ended up with back row seats in the Entertainment Centre and had a view of a tiny little purple thing on stage, the video screens and the whole audience. Everything that Prince said to do, the audience followed. Lucky he is not evil because he had an army of fans, willing to do his bidding.

10. THE ANGELS The Princess Theatre, Brisbane

Doc Neeson - so cool. This concert rocked.

11. JANE SIBERRY Metro Theatre

I only saw the last half of this concert because I was working box office in the venue and had to reconcile the money etc. It wasn't a straight concert because she showed her video clips as well as singing but I loved her voice and immediately went and bought the album, When I was a Boy.

12. DEBORAH CONWAY & WILLY ZYGIER Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay

The friends were getting restless, they couldn't believe that it was 10 o'clock and the main act still wasn't on. But then the duo appeared and soothed the savage beast with their melodies. First, a straight through rendition of the album Summertown, and then Deborah took requests. 'Oh, you want to hear the hit, do you?'

13. JON ENGLISH, Flashez

I could name several venues that I saw Jon English, but this was one of the most inappropriate. A venue that usually attracted an ethnic crowd, one more used to breakdancing than rock 'n' roll. So Jon came along in his tight leather pants, accompanied by the Foster Brothers, and rocked out. He had a go at breakdancing and cracked jokes - my friends and I enjoyed the humour, but the usual Flashez crowd were bemused.

So, tell me about your favourite concerts or gigs:

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Chaotic Mom said...

When I was in high school, I spent a summer in Brisbane. I LOVE reading Aussie blogs, helps bring back some great memories. Cool concerts! Your work in progress sounds VERY interesting (in your sidebar).

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm showing my age here but my faves were The Cure, Adam Ant, The Romantics, Sade and my top two faves are Sarah McLachlan and U2

CJ said...

I feel like a musical moron, I have heard of very few of those. I must be sheltered!

I've seen Garth Brookes, Chicago, Journey, Shania Twain, Tim McGraw and Billy Joel. I THINK that's it!

Anonymous said...

You've been to lots of concerts! :) Prince would have been interesting to see!

I've seen The Guess Who (twice), Billy Joel (twice), April Wine, Bryan Adams, Glass Tiger, Gowan, Great Big Sea, The Moody Blues, Lilith Fair, and I'm sure a few others that I'm forgetting.

Happy TT. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the graphic on your blog theme!

Ghost said...

Does it mean that I'm old because I only recognize the Eurythmics and Prince on your list? ;)

Have a Happy!

Anonymous said...

I feel incredibly old since I've barely heard of any of your 13. First concert was Orleans leading in for ELO. I have to think that was around 1976...OMG 30 years ago!!!!

And how about the Serious Moonlight Tour, David Bowie (1982?) at the Carrier Dome at Syracuse University.

Bruce Springsteen, Born in the USA when I was already out of college and working a "real" job in 1985.

I'm a Thursday 13 please feel free to visit!

Diane said...

You may not have heard of some of them because they haven't achieved international success. But most Aussies would have heard of them - perhaps not Chris Wilson - but there's a link to his website under music links.

David Bowie - I came very close to meeting him but I was working the wrong shift. He came into Sydney Theatre Company box office one evening to see a dance company production Cafe. Unfortunately, that week I was working day shift.

and as for going to a lot of concerts, that's probably why I don't own a mortgage now. I was too busy spending my money on gigs, concerts and theatre.