Saturday, May 20, 2006

Back from Adelaide

I'm back from Adelaide. Working in a temporary position. Getting my head around my partner having diabetes. Doing an editing workshop but not much writing.

During the 18 days I was in Adelaide, I only had two days when I wasn't working. Nice money, but not much time to be a tourist! So unfortunately, no Barossa Valley, no Glenelg, no Hahndorf, no Port Adelaide. Next time, perhaps.

But I did do a lot of walking around Adelaide, and visited the Casino twice. And haunted a lot of shops - if you're after music or DVD's, I can recommend The Muses in Rundle Mall, and for a quirky little second hand store, check out The Market Emporium??? in a tiny alley off Rundle St.

So my photos are from Rundle Mall: the famous landmark affectionately called the Mall's Balls, and the cute little pig statues.

There was no culture happening while I was in town: the arts industry was recovering from the Adelaide Festival and Fringe Festival in March. Maybe I can get to be in Adelaide for work when the Festival is on!

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