Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Somewhere over the rainbow....

Sunrise from our weekend away.

A view from the backyard-- We get quite a lot of rain where I live, but when it's accompanied by one of these - how can I do anything but smile? I beat the rain home from my writers' group meeting and managed to see the magical five minutes that this rainbow was visible before it started to pour.

Still haven't managed to spend a great deal of home, and now I'll be going to Adelaide for three weeks right after Easter. I'm travelling for work so I'm not sure how much time I will have to be a tourist, but I'm sure there's a wine glass in the Barossa Valley with my name on it. Of course, the Adelaide Festival and Fringe Festival have both just finished, so the month of April is a cultural void on the Adelaide calendar as the arts world recovers. I'm sure I'll find something - a student production, some music gigs. Something has to be happening down there.

Chris Wilson - are you reading? Come and do a gig in Adelaide at the end of April. You have no tour dates on your website for April so perhaps you are free!

But while I am in Adelaide, I plan to do some more collage poetry and some editing of the film festival manuscript. Plus some general writing about Adelaide for future reference. Never know when I might want to set a story there.

I leave you with another photo from the lighthouse.

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