Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm back!

Back from Sydney, back from the rat race. But there is no escape from this heat.

The drive on Friday was fine, pleasant temperature, not too much traffic, good timing, and although we arrived in Sydney in peak hour, we took roads that crossed the middle of the metropolis and seemed to be travelling against the main traffic so that was a bonus. It's sad that I can visit Sydney without going into the city, without crossing the Harbour Bridge, without gazing at the Harbour, but with only two days in town, there was no time for anything but the wedding and a bit of browsing in the suburbs.

The wedding was lovely. First church wedding I've been to in over ten years, but it was a lovely service and my cousin the bride looked stunning, along with her sister, as a gorgeous bridesmaid.

The drive back on Monday was hideous! The temperature was making the mercury pop and I thought I was going to collapse with heat stroke. We tried to get some respite at the National Motorcyle Museum but at $11 entry each to gawk at a bunch of bikes, we headed back out into the heat. We then had some respite when we stopped in at Gladstone to visit my father, at one of the popular watering holes, before arriving back home at around 9.30pm. And it was back to work the next day.

As for writing, I mused and I scribbled. Trying hard to keep the write every day habit up, even if it's only 500 words. But the inner editor has emerged from the cupboard and has been screaming in my ear, that it's all crap. I have to somehow lock her back in the cupboard under the stairs. Then when I've finished the first draft she can come back, and tell me why its crap!

At this point, I'm another 2,500 words along, but not transcribed. Word count update will happen when I've transcribed, although I'm not sure how much more there is to write! 30,000 words perhaps?

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D.S. White said...

Hi Diane,

Nice name by the (same name). Congratulations on your having completed the NaNoWriMo challenge!

I made it as far as 20,090 (a combination of two books...yes I started over).

Lesson learned: Do some prep work beforehand

In the words of a song: If I believe it, I can achieve it.