Thursday, December 08, 2005

Enough heat already.

Going to work is respite from the heat. And then at lunchtime it was sunny, twenty minutes later, the rain poured down, and thunder struck. Shame, they had to take us off the phones during the storm, so more words were written.

The heat is bringing out all the critters. Spiders, ants, cockroaches. Just had one crawl across the computer screen. I would've taken a picture and posted it to the blog but someone nicked my batteries out of my digital camera. But at least the cat is on cockie patrol. Although he prefers chasing grasshoppers. It's starting to cool a bit now - it has been really hard to sleep the last couple of nights. And I need some sleep after the weekend trip. I was finding it really hard to stay awake at work today.

And this shoddy place I live in- double storey townhouse - air conditioning downstairs, nothing upstairs, not even insulation. Dumb or what? But nothing is built to last! We moved here in March. This morning I bumped the towel rail with my elbow and the whole thing fell apart. Cheap as shit landlords!

Enough complaining! Now for the progressive word count:

53,205 / 75,000

The 75,000 goal is arbitrary. I don't know how many more words it will take to tell Kat's story. I'll let her be the guide. She was just singing at the final gig with the band, and her hubby turned up and tried to drag her off the stage, so she kicked him in the nuts. Now she's wondering where she's going to spend the next week, because after that, it probably ain't a good idea for her to go home! AVO, anyone?


Anonymous said...

The heat is really getting to me too. I haven't got a lot done. Good to see you writing in the bosses time :D There's no better time.

Anonymous said...

Heat??? Not is the USA, lol. We are getting snow every 2-3 days. I wish the sun would come out.

Sounds like your book is going well! Keep writing!

Nikki said...

Okay, very weird to think it's hot ... so not hot in Canada!!! :)

Keep up the good work!!!

Angela's Photos and Designs said...

Great header image on your blog. Congrats on writing 50,000+ last month.