Monday, October 31, 2005

More storms.

More storms today but the good news is that the big one happened while I was at work so it got me off the phone for an hour or so. Not a lot written during my breaks but I'm at least a couple of pages into the next chapter. Not sure if I'll get another chance to tackle it tonight. More urgent stuff is calling.

The rain is starting to depress me. We've had a thunder storm, accompanied by plenty of the wet stuff, every day or evening this week. Usually when I'm thinking about getting on-line. And my car is leaking. Oh joy!

Still rolling around ideas for Nano, checking out the Nano forum and thinking...thinking.

I'm determined to finish the current wip ('shitty first draft') before I dive into something new for Nano so I better scribble faster and harder.

Anyway, I'm going to use Moving Pictures as inspiration.

I was a big moving pics fan as a teenager. Had to con my father, my uncle and other hapless family members to smuggle me into the RSL to see them when I was 15 or 16. And before you ask, it's not because of 'What about Me?' That song I really wouldn't care if I never heard again, although I'd rather hear Alex Smith sing it than Shannon Noll if I had the choice.

It's almost every other song on Days of Innocence, and even a few on Matinee. Especially love Angel and the Madman, Busting Loose, So Tired and my Moving Pics Ultimate Collection is often on the CD player.

So this year, Alex Smith, Charlie Cole and a new recruit did an acoustic tour. And I was there. You bet I was there. Twenty years on, and I still love his voice, still love the music. And it transported me back to my teen years, those heady nights at the RSL, the big outdoor free all-age concerts (yeah, you promoters FREE concerts) and the special underage gigs. Then the nights at Sweethearts, Scandals and a whole lot of dubiously named now-extinct nightclubs.

So this is my starting point for my Nano novel...where it will lead me, I'm not sure.

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