Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Little bit of writing

A little bit of writing actually happened in between all the real life stuff last week, although none of it made it to the computer.

But it was significant stuff - Chloe broke up with Travis - so now its onwards and upwards - and she can stop feeling guilty about sleeping with Luke.

So I wrote another 2002 words (sounds like a year, not a word count). It was the year of the first Cool Bananas Film Festival. What does that mean?

Chick Lit Challenge total -

7,540 / 30,000

2 weeks into the challenge with 2 to go and I'm at 25%. That's okay - still plenty of room for catch-up.

Total for Novel
90,569 / 110,000

I wish I could write while I'm travelling in a car. I wish I could read for that matter, but I get motion sickness if I try to concentrate on text. What a waste of time. 2 hours today on car travel. I could've been writing or reading. When I drive alone, I sometimes use a voice recorder to dictate and can write 5 pages especially dialogue this way. But when Robbie's driving, he's talking to me, and I'd be too self-conscious to try and dictate my novel. But there's always a bit of daydreaming. Any of you chickies able to write in motion?


Diane said...

I give up on blogger. Trying to edit this post and its just looping on me.

Tried to put in two word counts and somehow it decided that Aurora TV logo was more appropriate (I have just updated that on the Cool Bananas website)

So my total novel wordcount at this point is 90,569/110,000.

Nikki said...

We're doing about the same on the challenge Donna...er, Diane.

So I can make it to 30000 you can too!

Diane said...

Bizarre! Both word counts are now on the blog, although they don't look very pretty.