Sunday, October 23, 2005

End of BIAM challenge.

I'm pleased.

I took on the BIAM challenge this month, as well as the film festival, full time work for three weeks of the challenge, having a guest teenager in the house

and I emerge out the other side having written 17397 words.

Okay, I didn't make the 30,000 but I made it more than half way.

But I have passed the 100,000 word milestone on the full novel.

Total is now 100,675 words (92%).

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
100,675 / 110,000

Thankyou chicklitters for the inspiration and the public challenge to do this.

I went to my writers group yesterday, and they were very surprised when I said I'd been working and doing the film festival nada nada, AND written over 14,000 words (at that point).

Also downloaded this nifty tool yesterday and have loaded my novel into it - ywriter2 . I'm cut and pasting chapters after writing them, and it gives me the total word count, and tells me how many more words I have to write, and analyses my word usage. Pretty cool.

I'm on a roll so I will continue this week even though the challenge is officially over and then I may even hop on board for Nano and a new idea.

Good luck for those on the other side of the world completing the challenge.

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