Saturday, December 22, 2007

3 more sleeps

It's that time of the year again. The time when Dorkus dons a Santa hat, much to his disgust and we count down the number of sleeps to Christmas.
3 to go until we can unwrap the pile of presents under the tree. Amazingly, Dorkus hasn't tried to unwrap the presents already, and hasn't even tried to climb the tree this year. Perhaps he's over Christmas!
I've spent way too long on the computer today - too much time on Facebook (very addictive) and too much time on Stumbleupon. Many of the sites I 'stumbled upon' today made me laugh out loud. And not just 'LOL' which I rarely believe anyway!
I've been reading The Joy of Writing Sex which I bought a couple of weeks ago on ebay, plus Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie, plus my incomplete manuscript 'I'm with the band' and I also have a friend's manuscript to read, so its time to get off the computer and do some reading.

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DiamondsSaphire said...

So cute! My cat lets me do silly thing like that to her too.