Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Nightly Ritual

Spring is here and the weather is certainly starting to warm up. The magnolia tree is once again filled with leaves, and the white snowdrops of wisteria have also given way to greenery. But with the warmer weather comes the parasites which necessitates the ritual on the left.
I'm yet to find a weapon that beats these pesky little fellas although I'm sure Dorkus would like me to keep looking. We've swapped from Frontline to Revolution this month to see if it makes a difference but we still need to do a nightly comb through to remove the resilient ones.
At the same time, work has also heated up. And in fact, I never imagined we would be as busy as we are. Hard work, long days moving quickly into nights. Before I know it, it will be my birthday and then Christmas. Life is certainly not dull at the moment.


Vega Stone said...

I don't envy you. I have a dog and he hates the flea stuff. He sneezes and then tries to rub it off in the grass.

Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on the spot where you put the revolution. It tends to cause an allergic reaction, your kitty might lose its fur in that spot. I cant use revolution on my furlines, they all seem to be allergic to it.