Monday, September 03, 2007

A pre-sleep post

Well, I was going to blog tonight but then I got distracted by Californication -remove the first two syllables and you get the essence of the show - chopping up magazines, and now it's time for sleep.

I could be counting my blessings but at the moment I'm adding a parking fine to a car that won't start (looks like it needs a new battery) to forgetting to pick up my keycard before the month ended and then not being able to use Eftpos. Whoops! Interesting week.

I finished reading Blind Submission yesterday. Really enjoyed it and I didn't guess the mystery author although I suspected at least one person that the protag didn't even suspect.

I've been a naughty girl and bought The Sims 2. It's highly addictive and I have to ration my time or I will never ever get anything done and will just spend my spare time in a virtual universe, simulating life. No Sims during the week and I've had my fill of tv for the week. Goodnight for now.

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