Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Still coke free.

I am on Day 4 of being coke-free and surprisingly I haven't had a caffeine headache yet. Maybe it's because I'm not trying to do this while coping with customers, and team leaders and work. When I feel tired, I can just rest.

So I have tackled some of the 'to-do' list. The sample pages of my manuscript have been sent, I have printed off some gorgeous business cards, I have put together the main pages of the 2007 diary, and I have updated my blogs. I didn't win lotto - so, it looks like I will be back at work in two weeks time.

I have joined Quickflix. Living out in the country, I don't want to hire DVD's from the shops in town, and then have to drive for half an hour and back to return them if that's the sole reason I'm going to town for the day. So yesterday, I watched two episodes of Six Feet Under (season 4). Another one this morning, two more to go and I can post the discs back. I am amazed at the variety of DVD's Quickflix have - I have stuff in 'my queue' which I've been trying to get from local shops for years.

Only 2 days to Bryon Bay Writers Festival - how exciting! Looking forward to the great company, food and mental stimulation. How many new authors will I discover this year? Although my fundage is a bit tight this year, so much money has gone on medication - I could never have predicted this a year ago. Still, I keep telling my partner if he doesn't look after himself and eat properly while I'm away for four nights - I'll be shipping him home to his mum, and she can look after him.

Yesterday, I thought would be my first partner-free day of my holidays. Nope. Didn't happen. He didn't go to TAFE because he was feeling sick. I'm not sure he's ready for full-time study again at this point, although he doesn't want to admit it to himself. But he went today. It's so peaceful out here, lots of birds and the cat meowing, the occasional car. But that's it. Aah, feel the serenity!


Unknown said...

I love coke. Diet coke actually. It's so had to quit! I went from regular to diets almost a year ago and haven't went back. I was sure it was gonna kill me!!

Meredith said...

Good on ya on kicking your coke habit.

I have tried and failed many times. My poison is Diet Coke.

Also, be careful with quickflix. IT's great for a few months and then you start putting dvd's on it that you want to see... but jsut don't feeeel like watching and they sit on the coffee table gathering dust for months before you finally force yourself to watch them or send them back.

Gabriela said...

I looooooveeeeeeeeee coke. I even call it my "elixir". But yeah, I know it's not really healthy and it can be addictive.

I'll stop drinking coke someday. Hmmm, I can stop if I want to...I don't have a drinking coke problem...LOL. I'm so addicted.

You should try mexican coke, it's so sweet... =)