Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I'm in a post Christmas lunch stupor at the moment. The presents are opened, the food has been eaten and now we're just relaxing.
It's been a mild Christmad day with a touch of rain, so we had the full trimmings of roast chicken and veggies for lunch, plus some slices of ham and turkey, and we'll have meat leftovers tonight with salad. And best news is that I don't have to go back to work until Thursday.

Dorkus the cat (above) bought me a very appropriate present (of course, he had a little help from me).

It's a book called You Know You're a Writer When... by Adair Lara.

Here are some examples:
'After your book is rejected, you fire off a 4,000 word email to your friends vowing to never write another word.'

'Something bad happens to your friend and you're glad she's not a writer, so you can use it.'


'You go to bed at night and it's not your own problems that keep you awake, but those of your characters. How will Clarissa get her letters back before the wife of her married lover publishes them in the newspaper?'

Very appropriate book and I will enjoy reading the rest of it.

Dorkus was also very impressed with present. A toy mouse that squeaks when he touches it. He's already thrown it around the room several times.

I received a 'keeper' copy of The Unknown Terrorist by Richard Flanagan (someone paid attention to my wish list), the second series of Dead Like Me on DVD, a book on digital photography, a nice framed photo of my very cute nephew, and a cute little blue bag with bamboo handles.
All in all, a nice relaxing Christmas!
Hope your Christmas is as nice.

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