Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's only a blank page...

I know! I know! I should be writing. But I have battled in a word war tonight, as well as creating some new writerly products at Chickollage. I've ordered the framed tile above as I think it will serve as motivation in my study.

I did the quill in photoshop but it is very tricky trying to draw with a mouse especially when you're artistically challenged as I am. Thinking about buying a graphic tablet so I can draw the old-fashioned way.

I've also added the new Nanowrimo gadgets to the blog, so everyone can see my progress or lack thereof. See those big red squares under 'My Month' - they're actually days I wrote but did not meet the word count. Days I didn't write are shaded pink. Huh?

It's been a big week. Work, work, work. Then the monthly two hour commute to see my father, followed by a 10 year celebration for work this evening. And a word war. Updating the chickollage shop and now as I have drifted into Saturday, I think its a good idea to get some

As Scarlett would say, Tomorrow is another day.

Hang on, it's already tomorrow!


Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Diane

Hope your weekend gives you time to write or rest which ever the greater may be, have a great one never thr less.


Rachael Blair said...

I like the plaque!!