Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Not a word

Day job won today. No new writing.

However, I have polished my synopsis for the Get Your Stiletto in the Door contest and just need to do the final spit and polish on the first 35 pages and it's ready to send.

I have huge problems naming my characters. First names are quite easy, aided by my 'baby names' book, but surnames, I find it a lot harder. You'd think I would find it easy because my day job is customer service, dealing with customer's records all day. And I see some doozies! Some that I am quite sure I'm not going to even attempt to pronounce.

Having polished the synopsis today, I managed to find a surname for the main guy, and a surname for the antagonist. A random dip into the local phone book solved the problem. Perhaps my characters will be more fully-rounded now they've got a complete title!

Anyone else have problems with naming characters?

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