Saturday, December 23, 2006

All I want for Christmas is a hot shower.

Two days without now...after the hot water system went kaput. At first we thought it was just a fuse, and that was replaced but looks like the bang we heard the other night came from inside the house, not outside, and now the system is being replaced. Hopefully, it will be flowing again tonight.
There's an article about messy desks in the New York Times: Saying Yes to Mess. So at the moment, my desk has a container of pens, my diary, a book on using photoshop, a Target catalogue which I was flicking through this morning, my laptop, and my cat. The desk is lot clearer since Dorkus has decided that this is his bed. I don't mind sharing with the cat, it makes me keep enough room on here for him and I like the company.
My partner is a Virgo, so he hates mess! But it doesn't stop him from being messy. His idea of cleaning up is dumping everything into a box, off the surfaces, out of sight, but still not sorted! And I'm a Sagittarius so what possible hope have we got?
I don't consider myself to be very organised at all, yet I managed to collate the collage poetry diary with no trouble, and I'm secretary of the writers group. But I admit, I do waste a lot of time searching for stuff. I think it's easy to be organised for the stuff that's important i.e. my writing, the collage...and I've learned that if I don't put the special words and phrases away safely for the collage, they are likely to disappear, courtesy of my partner, who thinks he's doing me a favour by cleaning up. Jen has the same problem with her mother not understanding the creative process at all and tipping half collated collage poems into a box.

I bought a colourful set of cardboard drawers the other day. Very bright and attractive and big enough to hold a lot of words for my collage poetry creations. So now I have a drawer for black words, another for small colour words, another for big fonts, and another for pics. It still won't help the creative mess when I'm in the middle of composing a collage poem and it needs time to gather the ideas and the words.

I'm over half way through Making the Cut, and adding in the edits I've done so far before I can print out my working copy for a proper edit. Wow - that took all day! But I feel that I'm making progress.
Haven't looked at it again yet today - instead I've been playing around in Photoshop to make this Christmas greeting so I don't have to feel slack about not sending paper cards:

And I've been spending the last week or so reading the crapometer on Miss Snark's blog. Very interesting, and I know from this, I don't think I could be an agent.
Only two more sleeps to Christmas, and I'm looking forward to unwrapping the stuff under the tree. More clutter to add to the pile. How do you weigh in on the clutter debate?


Anonymous said...

haha Dorkus, what a cute name :) Ta

eastcoastlife said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I feel you on the water issue. My landlord just fixed our water pump (again!) today. It tends to go out about 3-4 times a year. Twice this month alone. I hope you're able to get that hot shower for xmas.