Wednesday, September 28, 2005

3 pages...

Day job tried to win today but slow computer connections means I can write between the lines, in the gaps...snatches of conversation, words here and there.

So I managed three handwritten pages - wordcount unknown as I do not have time now to type it on the computer. And I'm very afraid after three consecutive nights of getting to bed around 1am and NOT being able to sleep, that if I start typing now, I will get a second wind and keep writing/typing until who knows when, and I will regret THAT at 8am tomorrow when I speak to my first customer. The customer will probably regret it too, if I haven't had enough sleep. I am SO NOT a morning person!

So, it's now 11.28 pm and I intend to be in bed before before midnight. Everyone else in the house has the right idea, including the cat!


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